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'Stereotyp*in' is a critical discussion of clichéd gender roles and stereotypes translated to a space installation/exhibition and hopes for an exchange and stimulation for self-reflection.


A lot of things go wrong in our society and I notice again and again in all life and everyday situations that many people, particularly with regard to gender roles, are pushed into old patterns, have to conform to stereotypes and often also prematurely judge others as a result. Often without realizing it.


The problem is that many people are not even aware of how much is judged based on gender and how many people do not even recognize sexism, even though it accompanies us every day in our lives. This issue affects all of us. Yes, everyone. Yes, also men. Yes, also you.

With this project I would like to draw your attention to the fact that sexist thinking exists somewhere in all of us and that we can only act against it if we recognize it. This is the only way we can stop rashly judging strangers and thus allowing more freedom to everyone.

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