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'Do it yourself' is a spatial examination of the female orgasmic intoxication through masturbation and creates an exchange about the perception shifts that orgasm and sexual arousal can trigger in us.

Pubescent male masturbating seems to be the most common thing in the world — for most people. Yet, in many societies female socialized persons are ashamed of the fact that they do it too.

I can still remember the evening I first talked to some friends about masturbation. We were fifteen years old and a friend asked the group if we sometimes masturbate. Everyone was embarrassed and only after intensive follow-up accompanied by a lot of shame, most admitted that they did. That evening changed my attitude, made me think, and opened my eyes.

In my current social circle female masturbation is fortunately not such a big taboo. I know that I live in a bubble, but even in this bubble, I’ve noticed that nobody ever talks about how the orgasm actually feels or what it does to us. Let‘s start! Let’s talk about what we feel. Let us appreciate the miracle that can trigger cosmic, ecstatic, intoxication-like, and indescribable feelings which put us in extraterrestrial space and make us feel our own body more intensely than ever before. Let‘s get rid of our shame. Slowly but surely, we can all get the topic out there by simply talking about it.

I created a spatial experience for people to witness and feel female orgasms. By trying to depict these feelings in a physical space, my hope was for people to exchange their thoughts and feelings about the perceptual shifts that orgasm and sexual arousal can trigger in us. And the best thing about it: you can do it yourself!

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